A thunderstorm could trigger allergic reactions.
Journal Staff Photo

Thunderstorms can trigger asthma

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A thunderstorm could trigger allergic reactions.Journal Staff Photo

Allergy sufferers often wish for rain, hoping it will wash away all the pollens and molds that stuff up their noses. While rain can indeed provide relief, a violent thunderstorm may have just the opposite effect: An unlucky few may experience a little-known threat called thunderstorm-related asthma. Not fully understood by scientists, thunderstorm asthma can cause labored breathing... 

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A UNM student works out in Johnson Gym (Journal file Photo)

Habits of fit people

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A UNM student works out in Johnson Gym (Journal file Photo)

Everybody knows that in order to accomplish something, be it big or small, you must set a goal. It doesn’t matter if the goal is to lose 10 pounds, to eat healthier or to work out consistently. Although we probably all agree that goal-setting is necessary, the real problem is not setting the goal, but sticking with it. Talk is cheap, and if you really want to achieve your goals this... 

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New study: Organic does matter

Friday, July 11, 2014

Access to fresh fruits and vegetables doesn’t necessarily mean healthier eating habits. (Associated Press Photo)

PULLMAN, Wash.—The largest study of its kind has found that organic foods and crops have a suite of advantages over their conventional counterparts, including more antioxidants and fewer, less frequent pesticide residues.   The study looked at an unprecedented 343 peer-reviewed publications comparing the nutritional quality... 

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Chris Blackwell teaches stretching exercises to Philip Rosell at the  JC in Albuquerque. Dean Hanson/Journal,

No Excuses: Be your best at 20, 30, 40 and beyond

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Chris Blackwell teaches stretching exercises to Philip Rosell at the JC in Albuquerque. Dean Hanson/Journal,

No matter the age, whatever the goal, fitness is an achievable and worthy pursuit: That’s the message personal trainers and their clients around Albuquerque offered for our “fit at age” roundup. No excuses are accepted, by the way. Never exercised before? Doesn’t matter. Age 85 with replacement parts and a bad back?... 

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Race report card


If you have been reading my blogs for just a short time, you know I am an extreme proponent of racing the local events. What could be better than eating your own food, sleeping in your own bed and riding your bicycle down to the starting line? The only thing better is getting a ride home up the big hill to your house after the race. This race was planned as a speed bump on the way to Ironman Lake Stevens in less than 3 weeks, but a race is a race and you need to “represent.” Its... Read More


Training through a race

The swim leg of a triathlon can be chilling. (AP File Photo)

The swim leg of a triathlon can be chilling. (AP File Photo)

Have you heard the term “training through a race.” What does this mean? I am training for the Lake Stevens Ironman 70.3, but I want to race a local Olympic Distance event this weekend? First, because I just want to race and secondly because you need to support the local... Read More


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Dam to Dam run


The Dam to Dam Run is a must for any novice or seasoned runner. The run begins just west of Starbucks and Albertson’s (Academy and Tramway) and heads north — out and back — along the dam arroyos with scenic views of the city and majestic Sandia Mountains. The route includes a moderate climb (after […]


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Stress is everywhere, but it’s not all bad

(Journal illustration by Eric Chamberlain)

As a tax preparer, Stephen Yu deals with clients who can’t locate records or are panicked because they haven’t filed in years. Unfortunately, Yu picks up on their stress and sometimes takes it home, especially during tax season. He becomes irritable, distracted and can’t sleep. “My family gets stressed, too, because they’re worried about me,” […]


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Downshifting –Keeping on after an injury

Kathleen Stabler with No Limits Fitness Company works with Jane Cudney-Black  as she does a straight leg dead lift with a kettle bell working the lower back,hamstrings and glutes. Jim Thompson/Journal

Injuries can set you back, but offer an opportunity to focus better on your fitness goals


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10-Minute Fat Blaster


Let’s resolve not to use the “I’m too busy” excuse not to exercise any more! Cedar McCrary, owner of Cedar Fit Personal Training and Bootcamp in Albuquerque, says exercise is like other maintenance you must perform. “Are you too busy to change the oil in your car? Too busy to brush your teeth and wash […]

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