Dreaming of Dessert?

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If you are like me, it doesn’t take very long of deprivation to make you crazy. In January, I did a re-boot (see blog post here) and feel pretty good about it.

I’ve certainly been eating better (of course, compared to how I was eating in December, that doesn’t take much) — more veggies, etc. I’ve picked up my activity, been doing lots of squats and am feeling pretty good about things in general. But I’ve really taken “added sugar” down a bunch of notches in my diet.

And that has me missing chocolate. A lot.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I decided to find some treats to cook up for my family.

And what I’ve come up with has me very excited. And making a very long shopping list.

The blog is called Chocolate-Covered Katie. And I bet she saw a spike in her website traffic over the past week just from my computer. I’ve printed out several recipes and “pinned” a bunch of others on Pinterest.

According to the blog, Katie LOVES dessert. And she’s made it her mission to come up with ways to make it healthy.

I mean healthy. She doesn’t just use a lot of fake sweeteners and other stuff to reduce the calories. Those don’t ever taste that good to me anyway.  And, frankly, I have trouble with all the artificial junk and processed “food products” that go into them.

Katie uses real ingredients. Some of her recipes are vegan if you are of that persuasion and many are gluten-free as well. All use good fat and limited sugar.

I have two on my list I’m going to try pronto.

The first one is a substitute for Nutella. I used to have a major Nutella addiction, but after realizing how much sugar is in it, I have been trying to stay away. And then I found Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter. AMAZING.  But Justin’s hasn’t made it on the shelves of the grocery store I’m in most, so when I saw Katie’s recipe, I was psyched. I’ve known for a long time that it’s easy to make nut butter. And the fancy food processor I gave my husband for Christmas (It’s OK, he’s the better cook in the family) does a great job.

So I put hazelnuts on my shopping list.

The second is for these “frosting shots.”  I’m the type that licks the frosting off the cupcake and throws away the cake. I have to try these.

With any luck, I’ll get to these in time for Valentine’s Day. And maybe this chocolate bar pie will have to be a surprise that I don’t try out first.

I’ll let you know.


Nancy Tipton is an athlete who likes to run, cycle, hike and climb (when not working as a Web developer, writer and editor at the Journal). You can reach her by email here: fit@abqjournal.com



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